I Want A Bearded Dragon (Best Pets For Kids Book 2)


What makes the Bearded Dragon the best pet lizard? Find out in this book for kids 9-12.
Here’s the basic Bearded Dragon pet lizard book for children and first-time pet owners that tells you what it’s really like to have a pet Beardie, how to get one and how to care for your new pet.
If your child (or the kids in your classroom) are longing for a frisky and friendly pet lizard, the bearded dragon is the best reptile pet lizard for children who are fascinated by animals and the natural world. 
Bearded dragons are friendly, safe and enjoy being handled. And once you have their home properly set up, they’re relatively easy to care for and keep healthy and happy!
This fun pet book teaches the basics of responsible pet care and how to enjoy your new pet safely.
Beardies love to hang out with people. Kids as young as eight or nine can care for a pet Beardie, with just a bit of guidance from a parent or teacher. This lively chapter book, new in the Best Pets for Kids series about pet animals for children and teens, tells readers:
  • Why Beardies make great pets

  • Who will love having a Bearded Dragon and why

  • Where and how to get your Beardie

  • What to look for to be sure you get a healthy pet

  • Exactly what a Beardie needs to be healthy and happy

  • Answers to the questions parents or teachers ask about having a pet Beardie

  • SPECIAL CHAPTER – What to name your Beardie

    Best Pets for Kids Series pet lizard book for kids 8-12
    Includes 25 colour photos 
    A Chapter pet book for grade four and up
    NEW in the Best Pets for Kids series

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    About the Authors
    Tristan Pulsifer is 9 years old and is in grade 4. His family has a houseful of pets! There are eight pets in their family: two dogs, a new puppy, a cat, three leopard geckos and a bearded dragon. The Pulsifer family dogs are called Sophie, Molly and Lucy. 
    Tristan lives next door to Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson, who is a book writer. Her family are foster carers for rescued pets. She has happy memories of many dogs she has owned and known, including Poodles, Dachshunds, Collies and a Labrador Retriever. 
    Tristan and Jacquelyn like to get together to read, watch movies, eat treats, play card games and write books about pets.
    There are four books in this new Best Pets for Kids series.

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    Author Bio: 

    Laymon A Hicks isn’t a stranger when it comes to building resilience in young people. His message mission in life is to empower students to overcome obstacles and get back up! He has taken this message to 40+ states in front of nearly 500,000 students. When he is not traveling the nation to empower students, Laymon enjoys being home with his wife, Keisha, and daughter, Karsyn. They reside in Florida.


    Fruit of the Spirit "Love"


    The book is about an adventure of two young children who are free and able to use self
    expression in their play. It is very important for young children to have self expression as
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    Their adventure takes them through many facades of nature which they find enjoyable. 
    The book ends with them both displaying love to one another as God shows love to us.

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    Joe Dreamer and His Easter Bunny is a cute adventure.  In fact, Joe Dreamer has a whole series of other great adventure books for young readers. 

    This book is full of opportunities and excitement around Easter.  Relatable to children everywhere. 

    Joe is an imaginative and creative six-year-old.  Children between three and nine would enjoy the content.

    Joe Dreamer and His Easter Bunny is illustrated in a charming fashion that will appeal to children and adults alike. Highly recommended for that Easter Bunny-loving child you know.